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Dec 28, 2008 Chinese - The Racial Slur Database Ping Pong: Chinese: Because Ping Pong is the favorite sport of the chinese: Rail-Hopper: Chinese: In early America many Chinese were sent to build the railroads. Railer: Chinese: They built the railroads all across the US. Red: Chinese: When they became communist: Red Monkey: Chinese: China is a communist nation. Roof Rabbit Killer: Chinese What is Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine? - Ping Ming

1: Ping is primarily used in the Chinese language and its language of origin is also Chinese. The name is of the meaning duckweed. The Chinese name P'eng and the name Pyng are forms of Ping. 2: Ping's language of origin is Vietnamese. The meaning here is peaceful. See also the related category chinese. Ping is a baby girl name of irregular use.

What does 屏 (Píng) mean in Chinese? English words for 屏 include screen, shield, reject and abandon. Find more Chinese words at! Ping - Meaning Of Ping, What Does Ping Mean? What does Ping mean? The name Ping is of Chinese origin. The meaning of Ping is "peaceful, level". Ping is used as both a boys and girls name. It consists of 4 letters and 1 syllable and is pronounced Ping. The Given Name Ping. Ping is quite a valiant name and a welcome find.

English words for 屏 include screen, shield, reject and abandon. Find more Chinese words at!

English translation of 瓶 ( ping / píng ) - bottle in Chinese Chinese Pinyin example sentence with 瓶 ( ping / píng ) ⓘ Writing in Pinyin Before using this Pinyin example sentence, consider that Chinese characters should always be your first choice in written communication. If you cannot use Chinese characters, it is preferable to use the Pinyin with tones.Only use the Pinyin without tones if there's no other option (e.g. writing a text message from Ping-Pong | translate to Mandarin Chinese: Cambridge Ping-Pong translate: 乒乓球运动. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese simplified Dictionary. What does "yi nan ping " mean? - Question about Simplified