The contract stands until 2005 and only 5 PPV's will be on Box office a year until then. SKY would lose money moving all the shows to Box Office as interest in the product is so slim just now and no-one in there right mind would pay £15-£20 to watch a show between 1am-4am. Sky make more money off the sky sports subscriptions.

How to book WWE WrestleMania - all the Sky Sports Box Apr 06, 2018 Box Office Wrestlemania - Sky Community Hi, paid to record Wrestlemania 36 on box office, but the recording you pay for is not long enough to cover the full programme, so you miss the main Browse More from Sky WWE Wrestlemania 36 on BT Sport: TV channel, PPV price Mar 30, 2020

Apr 02, 2016

How to watch WrestleMania 36 for free: live steam the WWE

Apr 08, 2020

WrestleMania (2018) - IMDb Apr 08, 2018 Recording on Sky Box Office — Digital Spy So I contacted Sky and explained that the Event I ordered didn't record the whole show, even when Sky changed the time of the event to finish I couldn't even record the last 15 mins, originally the EPG said it would finish at 3.45AM and my Recording Light went off on my Sky+HD box, then I tried to record the other 15 mins Sky added to the EPG WWE Wrestlemania 26 on Sky Box Office - TV Review Mar 31, 2010