May 03, 2020

Is it possible to have the Windows PPTP VPN client (on XP in this instance) connect on a port other than 1723? If so, I can simply port forward another port to the second server. I've done a fair bit of Googling over the last few days and have only found others asking the same question but no answers. I have of course tried to add a port number VPN Pass-Through Setup | DrayTek 2. Go to NAT >> Open Ports, and open the required port to the IP address of the VPN server. The ports required for each protocol are: PPTP: TCP 1723 (the router will also forward GRE IP47 automatically) L2TP: UDP 1701 ; IPsec: UDP 500 and UDP 4500 if NAT-T is used (the router will also forward ESP IP50 automatically) 3. Troubleshooting VPN passthrough for home routers | Answer

how do I set up GRE Protocol 47 after I forward my VPN to port

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Which ports do you need to open on a firewall to allow

Solved: Port Forward 1723 Linksys WRT1900AC (VPN I cannot establish a VPN tunnel to my office machine using PPTP (windows built in vpn). I have a Linksys WRT1900AC, Latest firmware ( I set up single port forwarding (this machine has a static ip listed below): I can ping the machine externally, but when I telnet that machine a