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A wireless network in the home or location where you are setting up the PC. The network will also need internet access. A TV or monitor to connect your PlayStation 3 to. The settings for your wireless network, like the network name (SSID), the password and the encryption (security) type. Connecting Playstation 3 to a Wireless Network Connecting Playstation 3 to a Wireless Network Confirm that an Ethernet cable is not connect to the PlayStation 3. If the Ethernet cable is plugged in, the PlayStation 3 will automatically attempt to connect via the wired connection. On the XMB™ home menu, go to (Settings) > (Network … How to Get Online With The PS3: Wireless Network Setup Connecting your Playstation 3 to your wireless network doesn't have to be a chore. Our guide takes the complicated setup process and reduces it to easy to follow step by step instructions. From finding the Wireless Setting menu to entering your SSID and WEP password, our guide has it all. Whether you're connecting your PS3 to a Belkin, Netgear, Linksys, or some other brand of router, the

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Question: Q: PS3 wireless network setup connection timeout, how to open ports? I just got my Sony PS3, and spent my first couple of hours with it struggling with the wireless network setup. The 'Scan' option finds our Airport Extreme network and lists it as using WPA-PSK (which now I look, is what I've got in my Airport setup). Sep 22, 2008 · Next back to the netgear router manager and under advanced you have wireless settings. Click on Set Up Access List. Click on Add. Name the device whatever you wish to call it (PS3 could help in the future). Then enter your systems MAC address eg 00:00:00:00:00:00 Click Add. Click Apply. Now turn off your PS3 and connect to a wireless network Setting up a second wireless network may seem superfluous when one is already available, but there is at least one benefit to this setup — since the PSP supports only 802.11b, by connecting directly to the PS3, you avoid having to run your wireless network in backward-compatible b/g mode to establish the link. Click on Wireless Connection, then click Search for an Access Point. If using a wired Internet connection, you may find our information on How to Connect the Wii to the Internet with a Wired Connection helpful.

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