Cisco VPN Clients are available for download from our Cisco Downloads section. The Cisco VPN also introduces the concept of ‘Split Tunneling'. Split tunneling is a feature that allows a remote VPN client access the company's LAN, but at the same time surf the Internet.

Cisco EVN (Easy Virtual Network) Cisco explains the difference like so: In earlier Cisco IOS releases, you created a VRF to be applied only to an IPv4 address family (single-protocol VRF) by entering the ip vrf command. To activate the single-protocol VRF on an interface, you entered the ip vrf forwarding (interface configuration) command. LabMinutes# SEC0020 - Cisco Router Easy VPN (EZVPN) with Oct 23, 2012 Cisco EVPN Part 3 (VXLAN with MP-BGP) 10Min - YouTube

Cisco EVPN Part 3 (VXLAN with MP-BGP) 10Min - YouTube

How to Configure IPSec VPN Connection b - Cisco Community

Cisco FlexVPN Basic Client/Server Configuration¶ Overview ¶ This configuration will demonstrate the absolute minimum configuration that is required in order to get a FlexVPN spoke acting as a client to establish a vpn tunnel to a FlexVPN hub acting as the server.

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