Which between the two encryption algorithms AES(Twofish(Serpent)) and Serpent(Twofish(AES)) is most secure and which hash algorithm to use between SHA-512, Whirlpool, SHA-256, and Streebog? And what would you personally use? I know this probably isn't a good question, but I ask anyway because I'm curious to know, please don't bash me too hard

What is the simplest / fastest encryption method? - Quora The simplest written encryption method is the Caesar cipher where you rotate letters by one (eg A becomes B, B becomes C etc) … most people can do this letter by letter in their head assuming they have learnt the alphabet. ROT13 is a very commonly WiFi Security: WEP, WPA, WPA2 And Their Differences Encryption Speed Depending on what security protocols you use the data speed can be affected. WPA2 is the fastest of the encryption protocols, while WEP is the slowest. Protect Your WiFi Network. While WPA2 offers more protection than WPA and therefore provides even more protection than WEP, the security of your router heavily depends on the Encryption Algorithms - Kryptotel Jun 25, 2018

Which encryption algorithm to use in practice, and how to configure it, will depend on a number of criteria: how secure the algorithm is currently judged to be in the cryptographic literature; the performance characteristics of the algorithm (e.g. the "raw speed" of the algorithm, and whether it supports parallel encryption);

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Common Encryption Types, Protocols and Algorithms Explained

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