When executed on Linux it will show the same output as the route command. Adding a route. For adding a route to the routing table Linux as well as OS X use the route command, but be aware that even here there are differences. In OS X, to specify a route for network to be routed to gateway you use the following command

So those are the basics of configuring static routes at the command line. Now let's learn about configuring dynamic routing. Dynamic routing in Windows Server 2008 using RIPv2. Earlier in the article, I talked about the benefits of configuring dynamic routing. So now let me show you the steps to configuring RIPv2 in Windows 2008: How to Change Routing Tables with a Windows Command … Aug 26, 2016 Troubleshooting When BGP Routes Are Not Advertised - Cisco

Persistent static routes are lost after reboot

Nov 19, 2011 NT/2000/XP: Display or View the Windows Routing Table Jun 15, 2004

PowerTip: Use PowerShell to Display Routing Table

10/12/2013 · Summary: Use Windows PowerShell to display the routing table. How can I use Windows PowerShell to display the routing table? In your computer running Windows 8.1, use Windows PowerShell 4.0, and call the Get-NetRoute command.