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Mikrotik Router Basic Configuration Using Winbox | Almiria As the usage of MikroTik Router is growing rapidly, this article is designed to show the basic configuration of a MikroTik Router from very beginning using Winbox software so that a new MikroTik Router user can easily configure his/her router from very starting and can operate his network smoothly. Basic MikroTik RouterOS Configuration using winbox Winbox is the graphical configuration utility for MikroTik RouterOS. It is a small application that can be downloaded from the MikroTik website at htttp://www.mikrotik.com Once you download winbox it can be run straight away, as no installation is required. wireless: Basic MikroTik RouterOS Configuration using winbox Jun 24, 2013

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If there is no default configuration on the router you have several options, but here we will use one method that suits our needs. Connect Routers ether1 port to the WAN cable and connect your PC to ether2. Now open WinBox and look for your router in neighbor discovery. See detailed example in Winbox …

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MikroTik routers provide different configuration options for connecting to the internet: DHCP Client : The MikroTik router gets an IP address on the WAN side from a DHCP server in front of it. This is the default MikroTik router configuration, and has to be removed if not supported by your ISP. Winbox stuck logging in - MikroTik Dec 24, 2018