A: Tasker uses the magic of programming to monitor processes and sensors on your devices. Tasker is an application for Android which performs tasks (sets of actions) based on contexts (application, time, date, location, event, gesture) in user-defined profiles or in clickable or timer home screen widgets.

Aug 22, 2017 Android – Turn WIFI On and Off Automatically with Tasker Mar 09, 2011 WiFi Connect for tasker - Apps on Google Play Dec 05, 2015

Original Tasker Step Through (UPDATED for Tasker 4.9u4 @ 2017/04/26) Application Settings, Step 1; Time Context, Step 2; Menu Task, Step 3; Record Callers, Step 4; More Tasker How-Tos. Simple Application Icon Replacement; Auto-connect to WiFi workaround; Auto-Enable GPS in Navigation (fix for common issue) AutoSync only when on WiFi

Battery Saving Mode. Our phone’s battery level is the single major concern for all of the … Tasker 5.9.2 – ADB WiFi – Tasker and Join

- Added ADB Wifi action that allows you to run some shell commands that could normally only run on a rooted device. - Added searchable tags to actions: for example searching for "toast" in the action list will now show the "Flash" action as a match. - Made Mobile Data and Airplane Mode actions work on all unrooted devices with ADB Wifi

Input Jam Install and Launch Tasker. Download and install Tasker via the Play Store icon on your phone. (It is called “Tasker” and it is by “Crafty Apps EU”.) Tasker allows you to create many rules of the form, “If this is the case, do that.” You can tell it to run OpenVPN if you are on WiFi and the WiFi has the ‘wrong’ name. Launch Tasker Tasker Smart NavBar #3 Time and Location - Pocketables May 29, 2019 Leaving WiFi on all the time means I'm left with constant service interruptions. forgetting to turn on WiFi at at home runs the risk of eating up my data plan. For this reason I turn off WiFi when I'm out and turn it on when I get home. Tasker can use your phone’s apps, files, sensors, and network signals to automatically make your phone behave a certain way- adjust the volume, turn WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS on or off, control the screen brightness, etc. Plugins can extend this functionality, allowing you to use your phone to control other things too, like controlling your home’s Wifi Near will periodically scan for your home wifi. It will briefly turn wifi on to do so, then turn it back off. By using both contexts, Tasker will first check the low-power context first (Cell Near). If it fails (you are not near home), the Wifi Near check is skipped. When it is true (you are near home), the Wifi Near context is checked as