Select the UTM IPA file and wait for it to install. Once installed open UTM and tap the + icon to create a new virtual machine. Give the VM a name, set the Architecture to ‘PowerPC’, then set the System to ‘Mac99 based Power MAC’. Leave the memory at 512MB unless you’re using a newer device with enough RAM to spare.

2020-4-15 · 4. On the License screen, you’re presented with the End-User License Agreement. Click Continue. 5.Review the license agreement. If you agree with the terms, click Agree. 6. On the Destination Select screen, click Continue. 7. On the Installation Type screen, choose an install location, or click Install to use the default. 8. How to Re-Install Mac | Tom's Guide Forum 2020-4-22 Last Week on My Mac: Flaws in re-installing Catalina – The

Download and install or reinstall Microsoft 365 or Office

2020-4-10 · The clean install option, on the other hand, replaces the contents of the target drive, wiping away any existing data on the drive and replacing it with a pristine copy of macOS Sierra. A clean install is a good choice if you are experiencing software problems with your Mac and unable to resolve them. While a clean install may solve the issue

At this point, the Mac should start to download the recovery files from the internet and show a status bar. When complete, it should reinstall macOS Recovery and reinstall macOS on the main partition.

Format: Choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled) or APFS Scheme (if available): Choose GUID Partition Map; Click Erase button. Wait until the process is over and quit Disk Utility to return back to macOS Recovery window. Then choose Reinstall macOS option an follow the instructions above to install Mac OS. Install or Reinstall Mavericks or Mountain Lion from Scratch. Be sure you backup your files to an external drive or second internal drive because the following procedure will remove everything from the hard drive. OS X Mavericks- Erase and reinstall OS X. OS X Mountain Lion- Erase and reinstall OS X. OS X Lion- Erase and reinstall Mac OS X 1. Can't download the Office 2016 for Mac installer Check to make sure your internet is working on the Mac you're trying to install on. Pause any other downloads you may have active. If you'v Apr 11, 2013 · If you plan to install Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6), or any previous system, insert the appropriate Mac OS X install disc and restart the computer. Hold down the ‘c’ key as soon as you hear the chime, then let go when you see the Apple logo. The system should eventually boot into the installer, where you first must choose a language.