PHP Encoder GUI for Windows The new ionCube PHP Encoder GUI is available for the Windows Encoder. The PHP Encoder GUI is available in two versions, "standard" and "pro", and provides the easiest and most flexible way protect your scripts through a point-and-click interface. The Standard edition is provided as part of the Windows Encoder product.

php gui free download - SourceForge php gui free download. SIDU admin GUI : MySQL PostgreSQL SQLite SIDU is a FREE database web GUI written in PHP. Handy and powerful for MySQL + PostgreSQL + SQLite + php - GUI MySQL database frontend - Stack Overflow It's written in PHP To run on a php server with a MySql database It is a GUI It's basically as easy to use as Excel for inline editing. Organize your tables in trees, layout and rename columns, all from the GUI. It does more that CRUD This probably its strongest point. PHP-powered GUI Applications for Windows - Stack Overflow You can use any number of GUI toolkits that have PHP bindings, such as GTK+ through PHP-GTK. Then you can 'compile' it with something like HipHop, which transforms your PHP into optimised C++ that you can then proceed to compile. Of course, compilation is not necessary at all, but if …

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Is There a WYSIWYG Editor for PHP? Should I Use PHP or Feb 22, 2018 How to develop a GUI application with PHP - Quora Jun 16, 2017 List of PHP editors - Wikipedia The nXhtml addon has special support for PHP (and other template languages). The major mode web-mode.el is designed for editing mixed HTML templates. Geany – syntax highlighting for HTML + PHP. Provides PHP function list. jEdit – free/open source editor. Supports SFTP and FTP. Komodo Edit – general purpose scripting language editor with