Apr 16, 2018

The simplest way to do this for Google is to create a Robots.txt file. This file instructs Google to index (or not) specific parts of your site and Google bots will always obey the file. After all, this is your site and you should be able to contr How Can I Remove a Link from Google Search (Specific URL Nov 04, 2019 How to Remove an Indexed Web Page from Google Feb 18, 2017 How To Remove Your Website or Web Page From Google

Remove an image from Google Image Search Index; Remove your website. If you wish to remove your whole website from the Google Search Index or you just don’t want a specific part of your site indexed, add a file in the root of your server, the so called robots.txt. Remove individual pages.

In the Google Webmaster Tools, there is a URL remover tool.You can use this to submit a page for removal from live search and from cached results. Again, this may or may not be an effective way to remove the page, depending on the reason for removal.

Feb 03, 2020

Delete annoying URL predictions from Chrome's omnibox - CNET Delete annoying URL predictions from Chrome's omnibox. Ever begin typing a URL, only to have Chrome autocomplete it with the wrong address? Here's a way to prevent that URL from showing up ever again. How to Delete Your Google Search History Oct 25, 2018 How To Remove Pinterest From Google Search Results May 07, 2018 Remove sites from Google search results